Backdating dla

23-Jul-2017 03:52

Hi all just wondering if any of you have had to call child tax credits in regards to backdating the disability element and how long it takes?They owe me a fair amount but didn't indicate the timescale just said it would be sent off.Any savings your child has do not affect their DLA. To get DLA, your child must: DLA has been replaced by personal independence payment (PIP) for people of working age (ie between the ages of 16 and 64 inclusive).You cannot make a new claim for DLA if you are of working age. If you are of working age and are already on DLA, you will be asked to claim PIP rather than DLA at some point in the future.I have had to appeal my DLA applications twice now and since the outcome of the second decision was made, I have learnt so much.

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They need: during the day: In addition to the above tests, your child’s care, supervision or watching-over needs must also be substantially greater than those of a child of the same age who is in normal physical and mental health. As this is a DLA to PIP reassessment, the decision becomes active a short while after notification. My question is that if i am awarded pip with an increased amount will they backdate it. There's some detailed information on DLA to PIP in the sticky PIP thread in something like the sixth post.The time delay you report after assessment is getting to be rather long, so it would likely be in your interests to chase this up with DWP and the assessment provider.

I just wanted to share my experiences of claiming backdating and the backdating of premiums.What do the terms in the care component disability tests mean?