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Halfway through production, Grimes replaced Blitt and Steve's design was made to be more attractive, so he would be less comparable to Neil Goldman from Family Guy.

In the official series, he is not presented as nerdy as he is in the show's unaired precursory pilot when his appearance, voice and manner greatly contrasted from what they would eventually become.

But ultimately she said she couldn’t handle me having men outside the marriage. My ex-wife and I have a wonderful relationship now and have been committed to raising these boys in a loving environment.

They are 17 and 20 now—one just graduated and is going to UCI—the other is a junior at UC Berkeley.

It’s here, it’s queer and it wants to buy you a beer.

The debut title from Game Grumps, “Let’s Play” You Tube icons turned game developers features you, a fresh faced Dad in the town of Maple Bay, ready to get downright Daddly with a host of potential parentals.

With your daughter in tow, who will you choose to crack dad jokes with till death do you part?

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My father was so mean about gays that I had a strong fear of gays and feared that I could not be a successful, worthwhile person if I was gay. What field of medicine interested you when you first started your studies?

To say that Los Angeles based obstetrician-gynecologist Dr.